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Responsible Tourist Guide

The tips presented below are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of the World Tourism Organization, and the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism ST+20.

1 - Know your rights

The BASQUE COUNTRY has a Tourism Act, which establishes the rights of users of tourist services and products, the main ones being:

  • Receive background, accurate and complete information about the characteristics and prices of the products and services they are offered.
  • Receive the good or service contracted according to the characteristics announced and offered.
  • Obtain an invoice or ticket for the price paid for the tourist product or service.
  • Proper treatment and access to all establishments open to the public.
  • Make complaints, claims and denunciations and obtain a complaint form free of charge.

2 - Promote local development

If you have the chance, consume local products, as added to enjoying local cuisine, culture and crafts, you will be contributing to the conservation and sustainable development of the environment and to generating quality employment. Hire local guides who are well-versed in the tourist resources of the BASQUE COUNTRY. Respect the livelihood of shopkeepers and artisans, paying a fair price for products and services. Do not buy counterfeit products and items, which are prohibited by national or international regulations.

3 - Encourage appropriate behaviour towards workers

Treat the people who provide services during your visit with respect. And remember that you can exercise your right to lodge a complaint or objection if you are not happy with any of the services received.

4 - Respect diversity

Favour eliminating barriers that limit the integration of persons on grounds of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, economic status or other status, avoiding sexist language, offensive comments. Also, facilitate access and equal opportunities to those people who have accessibility or communication needs, respecting the spaces or services intended for their use.

5 - Enjoy the local culture

The BASQUE COUNTRY is a place with cities, towns, streets and squares with lots of personality. Some manifestations of our culture can be enjoyed in local festivals, music, painting, architecture or folklore among others.

6 - Contribute to heritage conservation

Help preserve the tourist attractions, while respecting the rules and access designed for their preservation and conservation. Preserve the universal values of the Heritage and avoid negative impacts that compromise its survival.

7 - Contribute to environmental preservation

Reduce the environmental impact taking care of nature’s resources, especially woods and marshes. Respect wildlife and its natural habitat. Reduce water and energy consumption and packaging, and manage waste in a responsible manner not leaving any rubbish behind, using selective waste containers. Do not introduce invasive species or acquire protected flora and fauna or products derived from these species. Do not remove any material from geological formations of interest either.

8 - Choose sustainable products and services

Choose accommodation, restaurants and tourism companies that work toward sustainability and take into account recycling, energy and water savings, and respect for the local community and for the natural and cultural heritage, and check that they are members of the Consumption Arbitration System.

9 - Use sustainable transport

Whenever possible, use public transport such as bus, train or tram to move around. In this way you will contribute to the reduction of emissions, you will avoid traffic congestion in cities and save time and money. Organise moving around on foot, or rent a bike, to enjoy the experience healthily.

10 - Be a responsible tourist

Treat people with respect, preserving their dignity, treating them as equals. Spread the beauty and interest of tourist resources you visit, helping the tourist development of the BASQUE COUNTRY, and promoting the local economy and culture. Natural, cultural and heritage resources are limited, so we must protect and preserve them, and in this way we will contribute to the sustainable tourism of the BASQUE COUNTRY.

of the Euskadi tourism

Contribute to understanding of and respect for tourists
Advocate for equality, inclusion and tolerance of diversity
Foster local traditions and culture
Preserve cultural heritage
Excellence and professionalism
Respect for people’s rights
Proper treatment of sector workers and entrepreneurs